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Surfing is an essential part of Australian culture and is renowned for the great surfers and waves. We at ed Sinnott, try our best to keep this spirit alive. We are an Australian based online surfboard, fins, and accessories supplier. Our passion for surfing helps us keep getting better at customer service that we provide. We have different brands of surfboards, fins, and accessories available.

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Six Benefits Of Custom T-shirt Printing For Your Business

Custom t-shirt printing is one of the most evolved services that so many people are practising today. It is applicable in various fields including sports, occasions, businesses, and other events. We will look at how custom printed t-shirts are used in the above fields...

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Right surfboard and fins will ultimately enhance the performance on the waves and to get them right is one of a task. Whatever your age or level of expertise is, if you want to purchase your surfboard and accessories online, we will guide you all the way.

We have a vast collection of surfboards, which allows surfing enthusiasts to try different styles and colors. If you are a beginner or expert, you will be satisfied with our services as we have highly professional staff to help with everything.

Why choose us?

Your surfboards performance depends on its fins and comes in different shapes, sizes, material, and technology. We realize it is hard to find the perfect surfboard fin, which suits you well. Therefore, we have dedicated staff to guide you. At the website, you can select from a wide range of brands, colors, sizes, prices, and constructions.


For passionate surfers, surfboard accessories such as surfboard tail pads, wet suits, surf wax, board bags, towels, and leg ropes are essential. We want to save our customers time and energy that is why it is one-stop-shop for surfing enthusiasts.

If you do not find what you needed, you can contact our staff to check its availability. On the other hand, you can check-in after a while, as we always keep our stock updated.

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The Ultimate Guide to Smith Machines: Revolutionising Your Fitness Journey

Are you tired of the same old workout routine? Looking for a way to break through plateaus and take your strength training to the next level? Look no further than the versatile and innovative world of Smith machines. These gym staples have become a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts, offering a wide array of benefits that can transform your workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals. But what exactly is a Smith machine, and how can it revolutionise your fitness journey? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the secrets behind this powerful piece of gym equipment.

The Mechanics and Magic of Smith Machines

At first glance, a Smith machine might resemble a standard barbell setup, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. This specialised piece of equipment consists of a guided vertical barbell that moves within steel rails. The barbell is counterbalanced, providing stability and control throughout your exercises. One of the distinctive features of the Smith machine is that it allows vertical movement only, eliminating the need for horizontal stabilisation. This can be a boon for those aiming to isolate specific muscles without worrying about balance.

The magic of the Smith machine lies in its adaptability. It’s a perfect fit for both beginners and experienced lifters. Beginners can benefit from the added stability the Smith machine provides, enabling them to focus on proper form and technique without the fear of the barbell tipping. On the other hand, advanced lifters can use the Smith machine to target specific muscles with precision, employing it as a tool in their arsenal to conquer stubborn plateaus.

A World of Exercises at Your Fingertips

The Smith machine isn’t just a static piece of gym equipment; it’s a versatile tool that opens the door to a world of dynamic exercise possibilities. With its unique design and controlled range of motion, this powerhouse machine has the potential to elevate your fitness routine and help you achieve your goals in exciting and innovative ways.

The core principle behind the Smith machine’s effectiveness lies in its mechanics. The guided vertical barbell, moving within its sturdy steel rails, provides a controlled and stable platform for a diverse array of movements. This design not only minimises the risk of injury but also allows you to zero in on specific muscle groups with precision and confidence.

Whether you’re a novice embarking on your fitness journey or a seasoned fitness enthusiast seeking fresh challenges, the Smith machine offers an array of exercises that seamlessly integrate into your routine.

In a world where innovation drives progress, the Smith machine stands as a testament to the evolution of fitness equipment. Its guided barbell system, stability-enhancing design, and versatility make it a valuable asset for individuals pursuing their fitness goals. From novices aiming to master the basics of strength training to seasoned athletes seeking new challenges, the Smith machine caters to all.

So, the next time you step into the gym and cast a curious glance at the Smith machine, remember that it’s not just a piece of equipment – it’s a gateway to a dynamic and effective workout experience. Embrace its mechanics, explore its exercise repertoire, and let it be the catalyst that transforms your fitness journey. Your muscles are waiting, so install a Smiths machine today. It is ready to guide you towards a fitter, stronger, and more resilient version of yourself.

Six Benefits Of Custom T-shirt Printing For Your Business

Custom t-shirt printing is one of the most evolved services that so many people are practising today. It is applicable in various fields including sports, occasions, businesses, and other events. We will look at how custom printed t-shirts are used in the above fields later in this article.

To start, let us look at the benefits of custom t-shirt printing on various occasions.

Advantages of custom t-shirts for your business

  • Long-lasting advertisement strategy

Printing custom t-shirts in a business provides an outstanding solution to promoting your brand by making it visible to the public by people who wear them. Unlike other forms of advertisements like TV, radio, and magazines that are only effective for a short period.

  • Team-builder

Printing custom t-shirts in an organisation improves team-building in many ways. The first one being cultivating the team spirit in which the staff have a strong feeling of belongingness and work well with one another. Secondly, it gives the staff some levels of authority in which one feels confident and noticed in their position by others. It also increases the level of trust among the employees. Last but not least, it reminds the employees that they are one entity competing against other brands, thus they will have minimum quarrels.

  • Cheap means of promotion

It is now clear that printing custom t-shirts for advertisement purposes in a business are way much cheaper than propagating your ads on TV, where only a limited number of viewers will see. Moreover, we cannot fail to give credit to how durable this means of promotion is as compared to others. For other means of marketing, the promotion is only for a given period after which it is withdrawn from the board or channel. But once t-shirts have been printed, they will continue serving their purpose as long as they are in good condition to be worn.

  • Highly flexible

Also, t-shirts can be printed in whatever form you will want them to be, giving you an endless option of being creative to produce a distinct t-shirt that will add more value to your business. You can also approach your employees and plan together on how the t-shirts should look like, as they say, two heads are better than one.

  • Conversation starters

If the printed t-shirt is nicely done, any person wearing it will not find it difficult to start a conversation with potential consumers because the t-shirt will give first-hand information about what your company is all about. A better appearance will be an added advantage to your course because the degree of beauty will also make a potential customer interested in what your business does.

  • Safety measure

In most of the businesses, there are some sections where non-authorised people cannot enter, but someone can just pretend to be one of the staff members and gain illegal access. However, if all of your employees have t-shirts, it becomes easy to monitor such places. This can also be applied in a scenario where only given types of employees are allowed to access certain places within the organisation.

Uses of custom printed t-shirts in various fields

  • Sports

To differentiate a team so that fans can have an easier time identifying their players.

  • Occasions

Printed t-shirts can be used on various occasions such as weddings, funerals etc. To group and organise guests.

  • Business

To promote the business brand and create team spirit within an organisation.

When you need custom shirts, go to The T Shirt Co.

Reasons why every team should have a team sports uniforms

Every sports team usually has a unique sports uniform that they possess. The sports uniform is not only worn by the players, but also every staff of the team. Sports uniforms play an essential role in every sports team.  The uniform is also worn by the fans supporting that team. The sportsperson can only realise the worthiness of a team uniform. Some of the questions that many people ask are why every team should have a team sports uniform. Here are some of the reasons why every team should have a sports uniform:

Unity of the team

When every player wears a team uniform, they become one and form a unit that is united by the same team uniform. This means that no one is playing the game alone but as a common unit. Players with the same team uniform play, have fun, lose and win together. A team uniform shows that the whole team of players are representing the same team with a common objective which is to win together. When players wear the same team uniform, they are motivated to succeed together. The uniform also bids along with the players and the fans, thus building good team morale.

Creates identity

In every sports game, every team must wear a different uniform from the other to distinguish your opponents. Nowadays, sports teams have also put in place team logos and names of the players to identify one another quickly. Team uniforms also help the teams to organise themselves well in the field because they know how they have arranged themselves in the area based on their matching uniforms. It also helps the fans to easily follow and identify their team players and the results in the field.


Every team has different players of different skills and capabilities. That is from star players, coaches and to the benchwarmers. Team uniforms play a vital role in equalising all these team members to win as a group. When the team members wear the same team uniform, they put aside their pride and join together as a unit. It also shows that the input of every team member is essential for the success of the team.

Shows pride

Every person likes to be sidelined with the success of his or her team. This can be shown by wearing the uniform of that team. Every player also takes pride in the team he or she is playing for through the team sports uniforms and commits all the energy, sacrifice and time to see to it that the team wins. Every player takes pride in the success of his or her team and the dedication they have put in place in the team.

Distinguishing people in a field

Sports games would be very confusing to everyone participating in the game right from the players, referees and the fans if there would be no team uniforms. The team uniforms help the players to unite visually as a unit in the field. This makes it very easy for the players to distinguish one another while playing. Since most of the sports move very fast, it would be very confusing for the players to know one another and the fans to know who is in which team.

Now you understand the reasons why every team should have a team sports uniform. They are not only necessary to identify the players in each team, but they also help the players mentally.

5 Ways Women’s Work Wear Has Evolved Over The Years

Fashion has always been the best friend for women all over the world. No matter the differences they have over food and other mingling opinions, they will all unite when it comes to the dress they wish to wear to a party they might not even be attending. The dress has to be perfect even if it costs a load of money as long as it follows the fashion trends. These are quite common talks. But the real fashion comes in offices when the ambitious side of women meets the professional side. They bring the latest trends to embrace their personal work-wear such that they can tackle the heads of their career problems with style. Pun intended.
Such is the case with any industry that you will find women working in, the trends have evolved magnificently over the years. But the thing that has remained constant is their desire to impress with good clothing. Here is how they have evolved.

Traditional gowns

Back in the 1920’s, the attire of any woman was simple. A traditional gown that worked with the cultural vibe of the simplicity that prevailed the cities. Men wore formal suits that encouraged their dominance back in the decade.


Trousers were contradictory as they were introduced in the late seventies as women’s workwear. But they were not accepted by the women wholly as much because people believed it resembles men’s outerwear. However, it was accommodated by many layers as teh key element of the decade.


The fifties accommodated a stylish entry of the stilettos was embraced by people as a bold choice to the gowns that were part of the society. The stilettos were combined with skirts that fashioned the boldness of the people who wore them. Skirts were designed practically envisioning the young minds of the women that wanted to embrace stylish workwear whilst working ambitiously.

Power suits

In the eighties and nineties, women started embracing serious workwear in order to acquire equal rights within the industry. Moreover, the power dressing held a desire and struggle to be taken seriously in the industry so as to gain the rights the women truly deserve. The power suits held a strong distinct color that soon sublimed into various shades of colors and conservativeness soon followed amongst jewellery and shoes.


The women’s corporate wear brisbane of today is a confused yet generalized mix of many decades. People are trying to get the magic of the old decades back into the show but also adding a touch of today to that conservativeness. The boldness is visible in the attire of today that is matched with bold jewelry, stylish shoes, attractive purses and vintage colors.


There are no shortcuts. Surfing is a strenuous sport, especially at the beginning. It takes time, perseverance, training, but all your efforts will be rewarded by the first wave that you will be able to take and it is unlikely, after having experienced that sensation, that you will be able to do without it.

So here are the 5 fundamental steps to learn to surf , with some useful and concrete advice for each stage of learning. The only step that can possibly be skipped is the first one, the surf course, but if you are allergic to courses entrusted to at least some expert friends, or risk leaving the surf before you even managed to get on the lineup!


Starting with a good surf course is the first step, but it is also the only one that  is not essential.  However I highly recommend it because a good instructor is able to teach the basics and provide the basics to progress in surfing faster. But be careful with which surf course you choose. Very often, especially abroad, we see surf instructors with dozens and dozens of students left to fend for themselves in the presence of currents and foams, sent into the water in unlikely conditions. I personally believe that these schools are more money-oriented than surfers … try to observe your future surf instructor at work, before starting the course and prefer not too crowded surf courses. (In the photo our friend and instructor Gianni diSurf Coaching Service Lanzarote )


Get the right surfboard to start with: a nice Mini Malibu about 8 feet long is ideal for learning to surf. To learn more about which surfboard is right for a beginner, I recommend reading this guide on choosing a surfboard to start with or on softboard surfboards for beginners


The take off, getting up on the table, is the key movement of surfing. The ability to surf the wave depends on its correct execution. If the take off is well executed, with the right timing, you will be standing with the whole wall of the wave unrolling in front of you. With your new Minimalibu you can finally go to the beach and train in the take off on the foams just a few meters from the beach. The more you will do the better. The goal is to make it become an automatism, an instinctive movement to do without thinking and in the most natural and fast way possible. When the take off is well acquired you can start thinking about moving around the lineup and … start surfing! 

Have you no idea how to take the take off? Try giving aand go in the water to try.


The answer to our question can be summarized as follows: According to the principle of Archimedes, more volume plus flotation. Starting from this answer, we can deduce that a board for beginners must have a substantial volume precisely to favor a more facilitated floatation. Consequently, starting from this simple premise we will choose the most suitable volume for us, based on some variables that are: level , age, physical shape, weight and quality of the wave where we usually surf or which we will surf in the future. The less powerful the wave is, the greater the volume must be.


The calculation of the right volume will give you an important help to choose the best of your surfboard, everything will be based on some essential elements for your table, namely: capacity, age, fitness level, weight and quality of the wave .

1. Choose your body weight by sliding the left bar.

2. Once you have set your body weight in the left column of the graph, set your GF in the central area. The crossing of these two parameters will be the result of the recommended volume for your surfboard.

How to choose your GF:

– Advanced:  extremely fit physical condition, for experienced high performance surfers. GF: from 36gf to 34gf

– Intermediate:  physical state in shape, surfers with a weekly constancy in terms of surf session carried out. GF: from .36gf to .38gf

– Sufficient:  moderate physical condition, surfers with a predisposition to office jobs and weekend surfers. GF:   from .38gf to .42gf

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