Fashion has always been the best friend for women all over the world. No matter the differences they have over food and other mingling opinions, they will all unite when it comes to the dress they wish to wear to a party they might not even be attending. The dress has to be perfect even if it costs a load of money as long as it follows the fashion trends. These are quite common talks. But the real fashion comes in offices when the ambitious side of women meets the professional side. They bring the latest trends to embrace their personal work-wear such that they can tackle the heads of their career problems with style. Pun intended.
Such is the case with any industry that you will find women working in, the trends have evolved magnificently over the years. But the thing that has remained constant is their desire to impress with good clothing. Here is how they have evolved.

Traditional gowns

Back in the 1920’s, the attire of any woman was simple. A traditional gown that worked with the cultural vibe of the simplicity that prevailed the cities. Men wore formal suits that encouraged their dominance back in the decade.


Trousers were contradictory as they were introduced in the late seventies as women’s workwear. But they were not accepted by the women wholly as much because people believed it resembles men’s outerwear. However, it was accommodated by many layers as teh key element of the decade.


The fifties accommodated a stylish entry of the stilettos was embraced by people as a bold choice to the gowns that were part of the society. The stilettos were combined with skirts that fashioned the boldness of the people who wore them. Skirts were designed practically envisioning the young minds of the women that wanted to embrace stylish workwear whilst working ambitiously.

Power suits

In the eighties and nineties, women started embracing serious workwear in order to acquire equal rights within the industry. Moreover, the power dressing held a desire and struggle to be taken seriously in the industry so as to gain the rights the women truly deserve. The power suits held a strong distinct color that soon sublimed into various shades of colors and conservativeness soon followed amongst jewellery and shoes.


The women’s corporate wear brisbane of today is a confused yet generalized mix of many decades. People are trying to get the magic of the old decades back into the show but also adding a touch of today to that conservativeness. The boldness is visible in the attire of today that is matched with bold jewelry, stylish shoes, attractive purses and vintage colors.