The answer to our question can be summarized as follows: According to the principle of Archimedes, more volume plus flotation. Starting from this answer, we can deduce that a board for beginners must have a substantial volume precisely to favor a more facilitated floatation. Consequently, starting from this simple premise we will choose the most suitable volume for us, based on some variables that are: level , age, physical shape, weight and quality of the wave where we usually surf or which we will surf in the future. The less powerful the wave is, the greater the volume must be.


The calculation of the right volume will give you an important help to choose the best of your surfboard, everything will be based on some essential elements for your table, namely: capacity, age, fitness level, weight and quality of the wave .

1. Choose your body weight by sliding the left bar.

2. Once you have set your body weight in the left column of the graph, set your GF in the central area. The crossing of these two parameters will be the result of the recommended volume for your surfboard.

How to choose your GF:

– Advanced:  extremely fit physical condition, for experienced high performance surfers. GF: from 36gf to 34gf

– Intermediate:  physical state in shape, surfers with a weekly constancy in terms of surf session carried out. GF: from .36gf to .38gf

– Sufficient:  moderate physical condition, surfers with a predisposition to office jobs and weekend surfers. GF:   from .38gf to .42gf